Published: 29-08-2013

Finally, many simplifications for entrepreneurs dellla Construction , with the aim to facilitate the recovery of a sector badly hit by the crisis. Reduce time, costs for the bureaucratic burden from businesses , and more in this Decree Law 69 of 2013 , converted into Law No. 98 of August 9, 2013 , . Thanks to the one-stop shop for the construction industry , a definite schedule for the issuance of building permits for the granting of permits for building intervention in the event of seismic constraints , landscaping , etc., which may be issued with the submission of the notice of commencement or SCIA construction work for freedom and possibility attestation of practicability , by the project manager or a qualified technician . Also introduced the possibility of release of viability and partial extension of the terms of building permits . Also simplified the construction projects that alter the shape of the buildings, now made ​​by SCIA , whereas before it was necessary permission to build. Elimination of the implied rejection of the legal permit to build in the case of environmental constraints, cultural and landscape . These are some of the key points of the new legislation that regulates the reform of the bureaucracy , until today ballast in the race for Italian economic recovery


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