The European Commission launches a public consultation to gather the views and contributions of stakeholders on measures to be taken to improve the environmental performance of buildings in the EU . The initiative is part of the objectives of the Roadmap for Resource Efficient Europe adopted by the Commission in September 2011. In the EU, 35% of the polluting emissions is produced by buildings and 50% of the extracted materials are used for the construction of buildings. Furthermore, 30 % of water consumption recorded in the EU is attributable to the construction sector , as well as 30% of the waste products . These data demonstrate how EU policies for the building sector could be integrated with policies for energy efficiency in order to improve the management of resources during the entire ' life cycle ' ( construction, renewal , maintenance, demolition ) of buildings . But , the orientation necessary to protect the environment and demonstrates the profound significance of the fundamental Building System Plastbau® that , with its integrated technology ( Slab Formwork new classic Plastbau® , Formwork Wall PB®3 , building element hercules Plastbau®) broadcast everywhere , at all levels of the supply chain , the culture of innovation and quality, with a set of benefits , that is to say, the "Sustainability" . Based on the most important regulations in the world, such as LEED (LCA) , the Plastbau® Building System is the most comprehensive to start , right from the start , the manufactured housing to the environment. And ' so since Plastbau® Building System allows almost exclusively and as a whole , the reduction of materials on site , recovery and recycling of materials , durability , quality of construction, energy conservation, life cycle with optimal values ​​and the reduction of the energy required to condition and to heat the building , improve the ' efficiency of the construction process , reducing the time and cost of construction . Nevertheless , there are currently no criteria for measuring the environmental performance of buildings. Therefore, the Commission has launched a public consultation - aimed at European citizens , stakeholders , NGOs, industry, public authorities - to define methods and strategies to improve the environmental impact in the building . By 1 October 2013, all stakeholders can send their contributions , which will be used by the Commission to draw up a Communication on sustainable buildings by the end of 2013.


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