Inert lightened screeds


Decotherm® is the pulverized super lightweight inert that consists of semi-spherical particles of polystyrene with improved cohesion and closed particle size curve.  The material is worked on in the factory with additives that give the material specific characteristics of dough and workability.

The packages:

- polyethylene bags sewn from 500 liters (1/2 mc);

- polyethylene bags sewn from 167 liters (1/6 mc);

- pallets of 3, 5 and 2 cm for bags of 1/6 mc


Massetti di pendenza

Screed Slope

Roofing with subsequent direct laying of waterproofing membranes, hot or cold, synthetic and liquid, all absent of solvents.

Sottofondi di pavimentazioni interpiani

Substrates of floor height

For roofing wooden floors, basements.

Glue-ready screed

Direct bonding of flooring.

Filing of facades

Also of great thickness and particular articulation.

Inertisation asbestos cement

Even with subsequent drafting of sheaths, both hot and cold.

Substrates of Industrial flooring

With subsequent laying of concrete or asphalt

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    Grazie all'eccezionali proprietà di resistenza, duttilità e coibentazione, il polistirene espanso sinterizzato...


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