Efficienza energetica

Energy Efficiency

Efficienza energetica


The European Council has set a target of 30% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020.  On the national energy balance, industry, civil consumption and transportation share substantially the same weight.

This means that the responsibility of a forward-looking energy policy is not just for macro-industry, but also for individuals who, through the rationalization of consumption and energy optimization, can contribute substantially to the reduction of the national energy need.

The finalization of the EU goals for 2020 include not only the rationalization of energy consumption, but most importantly policies of energy efficiency in buildings, especially in the civil sector where buildings are not equipped with adequate systems of insulation and thermal insulation.

Through targeted interventions, fuel consumption can be dramatically decreased, by improving the efficiency of buildings with roof coats and other systems of exterior insulation.

Depending on the degree of efficiency achieved, certifiable in base of the annual heat demand for square meter, "white certificates" can be awarded, issued by the Energy Efficiency Energy Market Operator (GME).