The Plastbau3® wall formwork is an innovative formwork panel type that "loses heat" in the formation of reinforced concrete walls.

Its peculiar characteristics:

  • LIGHTNESSThe weight of a standard, working 300 mm outer panel with an inner panel of 275 mm is only 22 Kg / Sqm (variable depending on thickness);
  • VERSATILITYAn outstanding feature of this construction system is its adaptability to the needs of the designer.  In fact, by performing the necessary calculations, you can accomplish beamed walls that allow to resize the underlying structure.  These solutions help to reduce the cost of construction, improve the design, and the living comfort of the buildings, to help raise the market value.
Cassero Muro Plastbau® 3

The de. com Plastbau3® wall formwork combines the mechanic strength of the concrete with the capacity of thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene foam.

It consists of two EPS plates at high density, spaced apart and joined together by means of metal lattices constituting the reinforcement of the discarded concrete inside them.  The metal towers are the real spatial structures positioned within the mold at a distance of 20 cm.  Their vertical irons are maintained in position by stiffening diagonal and horizontal iron threaded rods, also positioned at a distance of 20 cm.  The anchoring of the metal plates of the EPS is done via threaded plugs made of polypropylene, suitable for preventing the thermal and acoustic bridges between the outer and inner surfaces.  The formworks have a standard width of 120 cm and assist in cutting and adapting to the needs of the work site.  The vertical reinforcements are not connected transversely between them.  The height of the formwork is that of the comportment to build, the thickness varies in function of the insulation and the desired strength of the structure to be realized, the septa achievable have a thickness of cm: 12 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30.



Cassero Muro Plastbau® 3

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  • UNLIMITED DURATIONelements in expanded sintered polystyrene are unalterable and do not consent the growth of fungi, bacteria, mold and other organisms.
  • SIMPLE AND ECONOMIC INSTALLATIONthe lightness of the slab enables the formwork to be worked by hand.  Incidence of total exposure times (ie laying formwork and armor, jets, disarm, etc.) extremely low: about 0.30 h / sqm.
  • FAST WORK TIMESwith the Plastbau® 3 bridge house wall, the supporting structure, curtain wall, and thermal insulation are all accomplished in a single step.
  • SAFETY IN CONSTRUCTIONfully compliant with current regulations.  The reduced weight of the element ensures the reduction of injury risk in the early stages of unloading, handling, lifting, storage and installation.
  • ENERGY SAVINGup to 80%, compared to traditional buildings not thermally insulated.
  • STATIC BEHAVIORthe Plastbau® 3 wall formwork, with vertical reinforcement suitably integrated with horizontal reinforcement, allows to realize monolithic ideals for reinforced concrete structures in buildings in seismic zones.
  • SAFETY IN CASE OF FIRE elevated.
  • FUNCTIONAL PLANT ENGINEERING using simple tools such as hot blades or cherry cutters, you can quickly dig the tracks necessary for the structure of electrical and hydraulic plants.
  • VERSATILITY the designer can design advantageously from the start of his project with the Plastbau® 3 wall formwork, due to the high flexibility of the system, and can also subsequently adapt the Plastbau® 3 bridge house wall for a more traditional project.

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